A Comprehensive Interactive Web Response System for JURY+ Next Generation

Building upon its unique expertise in the jury business, IntegraVox has extended the functionality of its JURYPhone™ IVR product to the web with JURYNet™, an interactive web response system that is fully integrated with the JURYPhone™ database. The product is designed specifically to work with JSI's popular JURY+ Next Generation product and provides the following benefits:

  • Gives jurors detailed reporting instructions based on their current status in Next Generation as well as the date and time they're calling into the system.
  • Allows jurors to postpone their service date based on the Court’s specific rules and restrictions.
  • Lets jurors fill out their Juror Affidavit on-line.
  • Provides instructions and explanations related to juror service excuse and court location transfer.
  • Gives general information on jury service, court contacts, court parking, security rules, etc.
  • Full integration with JURYPhone™ so that group reporting parameters and other business rules need only be entered once in a single database that’s shared by JURYPhone™ and JURYNet™.

In addition to these standard features, IntegraVox, LLC would be pleased to develop any other customized extensions to the system based on the court's specific business requirements in a particular County.

Click here for a JuryNet demo. You can use Juror ID 500 and Last Name "Gomez" for an example of a juror who has already completed service

Click here for JuryNet Screen Samples

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