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IntegraVox is Partnering with Acclaim Telecom to streamline mobile web deployments across multiple platforms!

Acclaim Telecom’s Mobile Solution enables businesses to increase customer touch-points by offering an interactive experience for smart phone users. Our mobile suite combines your web applications with custom mobile applications across the most popular mobile device platforms. This methodology eliminates the complexity and expense of extending your services to your smart phone users.

Customers using different smart phone devices access robust mobile applications through a single portal thereby eliminating the need for multiple mobile application support. No other platform provides this range of mobile service capabilities in a single suite.

The Product

Acclaim Telecom’s Mobile Solution Suite provides access to multiple mobile device platforms through our Smart Phone API (SPAPI). Integrating through our SPAPI circumvents the complexities, cost, and delays of managing diverse mobile applications and infrastructure.

Using a web services approach by hosting our SPAPI allows for faster, lower cost deployments and scalability, while providing precise control and security. Compare this to the industry’s standard solution approach where deploying individual applications is the norm.

Customer Benefits

  • NATIVE support of the most popular smart phones
  • Dynamic mobile screens customized specifically to the application need
  • Automatic Opt-In Notification
  • Multi media – Alerts, Information and Product offers, etc.
  • Unparalleled customer contact via “Push” Notification
  • Low cost to deploy and maintain

Acclaim Telecom’s Mobile Solution Suite supports key Smartphone platforms for mobile applications on iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, and Blackberry alleviating the need to make choices on the part of your customers. Contact us today to find out how Acclaim's Mobile Solution Suite can fit into your organization's mobile application deployment strategy.

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